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I never said anything about solving somebody's money problems. In any case let nothing stop you guys from doing it on your own. I never said I'm an essential ingredient. Actually I'd love to see Paul or anybody else come up with a pre-build affordable controller based on an open-source design. I'm just letting the idea take off on this forum, and so I'm not keeping it for myself.

About the 'spam', just check the tutorial on driving a servo, the complete code is just waiting to be copy pasted. I think they even use the same PIC as the one that was proposed for the AC controller.

I don't know if the design is licenced, but if you are suspicious a gplv2-like licence might also be a good idea, that way you know, or at least you can assume nobody takes the design and improves it without letting you guys know...

Aren't there any opinions on the idea itself?
Which are not related to wether or not I or somebody else would do it for the greater good or not...

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