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tasdrouille -

Originally Posted by tasdrouille View Post
The study results are here. Coincidentally, this study was commissioned by Tim Hortons, the company with the most drive-thrus in Canada. I call BS on this study. Cars do not cool down so fast but very few days a year...

FYI, this company is also advertising bringing your own mug to get it filled, and how green that is. Yet, they often fill their standard paper cup, which they empty in your own mug before throwing the paper cup in the trash...
That part sounds like a health requirement. I fill my thermo with soda mixes (yeah, soda's bad) at the standard-issue Quick-E-Mart. Some places won't allow that because technically, you are "contaminating" the soda machine with your cooties.

I have no problem with drive-thru for elderly/handicapped. That's a "good" excuse. I can see the PITA aspect of a parent buckling in their offspring and not wanting to repeat the process over and over again. However, once the kiddies don't need a safety seat, it's a different matter. I did use a drive-thru once in the last 6 months, but it was a strategic thing.

I would like to see the results of an In-N-Out burger study. Those lines are humongous, so the waste in fuel must be as bad if not worse.


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