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Running the AC during P&G - An observation

The Scangauge is waaayy cooool.

P&Ging around town, I noticed that my Civic reports zero fuel flow coasting in gear from 55mph to 35mph, then under 35mph, it's show's .32 gph. Dropping it in neutral from 30mph down gets it around .28 gph. If I keep it in OD, it feels as if around 30-35mph, the Torque Converter goes into a no load condition, about the same time the fuel flow returns.

I started thinking cool thoughts on the ride home, as our FL weather has started to all ready require some periodic AC usage. So, I used my AC in tandem with my P&G. I turned the compressor on only on decel (55mph to 35mph) which appeared to impose virtually no load. And during that time, the fuel flow still reported as zero! I kept it on RECIRC to retain dehumidified air as much as possible. Regeneration AC!

Level road conditions, fixed 30% TPS, shows about 4.5-5mpg less with AC operation. These little cabins can be cooled quickly, but even then, it's nice to do it without using fuel when possible.


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