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Grrr :-)
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No its an Xfi no air ALTHOUGH the AC in my cherokee had very little impact on fuel economy (less than half a mpg overall) same in the van but even less I could not measure a difference in FE ac on and ac off tank to tank.

as for evidence to support me only anecdotal evidence sadly. IE when it was 75-80 degrees out I got 47mpg when it was 25' out I got 47mpg. this tells me that air temps have very little impact on fuel economy at least for my little metro.

I guess its my commute. very consistant daily day in day out (its how I got 493,000 miles on the cherokee)

in fact until ethanol I saw almost NO change in my FE unless I did something drastic such as extreme highway driving or going up to the mountains etc..

My clubwagon got a SOLID and I mean SOLID 19mpg pretty much no matter what I did to it. Now if I hit the mountains or I towed the camper ok it went down but overall I got a very solid 19mpg. hence why I was so surprised when I started to get 13mpg out of the blue :-) thats another story about ethanol.

Even summer to winter I saw almost no change in FE maybe 1mpg at most.

I am kind of hoping that changes now since I am a wee bummed at 47mpg (I am still amazed I can say that with a straight face) and am hoping for 50mpg :-)
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