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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
I have some '92 civic rear springs... not sure if they will fit or not, they are brand new, bought them for my vx then I sold it, the are oem from the honda dealer, I'm also about an hour from Minneapolis.
I'm holding off on 92-95 springs due to the height difference..I'm trying to keep my VX lowered but still ride nice. The preload would kind of counteract my idea here, but not as bad/rough as the Ksports that are still on the back now.

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
The EG springs are about 1.5-2" taller, IIRC. They're a good way to add preload to the existing suspension in 4th gen Civic/CRX's.

I've got the OE springs, somewhere, which are generally used to lower EG chassis Civics approx 2"
If you could find them let me know how much you want for them please, thanks Christ.

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