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Some of the things that John Britten (and a small group of friends and associates) accomplished in ~11 months:

Redesigned his V1000 v-twin four valve engine to be an 1100cc, hand cast all the metal parts, heat treated & machined everything, flow tested, and on the dynamometer -- where it produced 170BHP.

Designed and build a front and rear girder suspension out of carbon fiber, that bolt to the engine.

Designed the aerodynamics of the whole motorcycle and cooling system, that has an intake port on the nose of the fairing, is ducted through to the radiator which is under the tail section -- that worked the first time. All this bodywork and the seat subframe are fabricated out of carbon fiber, natch!

Designed and built carbon fiber wheels, using a unique structural scheme, that is referred to as "skin & bones".

Designed and programmed a custom computer system that recorded all the important data from the engine (unique in motorcycle racing at the time).

The list of things that they did NOT build from scratch:

transmission (sourced from Suzuki, IIANM)
battery and sparkplugs and other assorted electrical components
[Edit: cylinder sleeves ]

Totally amazing, really! I see a lot of parallels between the Britten and the Aptera...
Sincerely, Neil

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