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Can x-guage report lockup on Buick lesabre? Why doesn't guage work on Dodge?

I am wondering how I setup an X-guage on my 98 buick lesabre to report lockup?

I am tempted to start a lockup switch mod on the buick but want to see first if the car stays locked up or if its dropping out. Its quite hard to tell.
Also what resources/info is there that would help me determine what wire to interrupt to add lockup to this car? I am not sure if it can be accomplished.
Anyway Ideally with the switch off the car would shift normally, on the car would stay locked up. Not sure how GM handles this, any pictures or info on what needs to be messed with is appreciated.

Also can the scanguage report the distance traveled in feet or meters? I would like to use my daily trip into work as a way of determining optimal acceleration with the buick, I would choose a set distance and goal speed and try different ways of getting there while performing the test over the same distance to determine which way is best FE wise (I would also need to log total fuel consumption for the length).

Lastly the 2001 Dodge Ram crewcab 5.2 v8 seems to be mostly incompatible with the scanguage as the scanguage keeps dropping out and shutting off, not sure why but it makes the FE useless, I have tried different modes and data speeds to no avail, any ideas?


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