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newer motor oil type old engine

I am not one to tag a brand name, I guess that is called spam on the net...but then again, what if something actually worked? who the heck would know if noone spoke it?

anyway, I dropped some rather expensive castrol edge in the old sube.

23 years old. no rebuilds, temp ranges from -30s F to 110 F.
oil? impossible. mobil one is a fairy in a jug...along with many other fairy tales...

anyway, the car made a racket for almost 8 weeks now, and then the foggy 30 something degrees has finally taken away the anomoly. very very quiet. starter whirls over like there is no compression, it is super slicked. that is some freaky powerful stuff. I also found some calcium looking stuff not even on battery kicked something out of the engine.

This post is a thought brought about with a conversation with my truckdriving father just recently. less than 24 hours from now, we are headed for 0 F with wind chill warnings...and right now, it is a balmy fogged 30s..that means a stiff breeze is gonna come through, THE breeze.
dash lights left for no reason in the 2 year old truck, no shorts to find...THE physic is happening...becasue they came back, also for no reason to find.

lets talk about electronics sometime....
even in a tiny closed in case, the front fan thermally shuts off while the back is pumping a full hot cpu...less than a foot away from each other. hand it to intel to hang onto at least some integrity from when computing was real.

thumbs up for the castrol edge. you got high miles? give that one a couple of weeks in your old engine. Wow.
if a plane can handle 65 below to 100 above bouncing along on a tarmac at 60k rpms...we have no excuses to not have at least some of thier miracle pumping through our engine. Castrol edge emerged a winner, I do not have the 15k mile run in yet, I am at a couple of thousand..but if anything happens, will post. a review was worth it, especially when it is economically positive.

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