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Originally Posted by Jethro View Post
Would there be that significant of a decrease by just having lug nut holes?
I would still think the overall smoothness of the wheel would be way better.
Maybe use some plastic plugs to cover the lug nut holes?

This would allow a 'more permanent' mounting of the pans. I read the 'over engineered' post and started thinking...
What if a pizza pan goes flying off at 75MPH? That's gotta be deadly to whatever it hits.

Also started thinking about the 20" wheels on my Ram.
I don't believe I've seen a pizza pan big enough to cover them!
Please don't confuse over-engineered with safe. They're two completely different, usually opposite things.

There's a reason that just about everyone here has followed the K.I.S.S. principle in our endeavors: It works. Well.
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