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CRXFi Build Thread (Geo Metro XFi drivetrain in Honda CRX)

Since I decided to give up on fixing the rusted out unibody of my Metro XFi (Its available if anyone wants it), I have been dreaming about swapping my XFi motor into a CRX shell. The CRX seems to be a little better:
-at keeping the rust out of critical structural components (I won't have to travel several hundred miles south to get a rust free metro shell only to run the risk of it eventually rusting after I get it)
-is of similar weight to the metro
-has a better Cd
-could feasibly be acquired for about the same price as a metro

In addition, two CRXs just showed up at the local junkyard, one of which is a fully intact HF with 211k miles on it. For starters I yoinked the harness and the dizzy, because they are good cash crops to begin with even if I don't end up pulling the engine/tranny. I'm considering getting that stuff regardless of if I pursue a novel swap.

The easiest thing to do to accomplish powering a CRX body with a G10 engine would be to put both the metro motor and transmission in, but the main question is this: Would it be possible to cobble together my G10 engine onto an HF transmission, yielding an unprecedented gear ratio for a 3 cyl of 2.95 (this would kick the pants off the coveted 1.3l Swift final drive ratio of 3.523 and my XFi transmission's 3.79)....It may even be too low...

Anyway, the reason I pose this question is because the metro transmission looks like this in its natural habitat:

And here's a CRX (this one is an Si)

The metro transmission is to the right of the motor, and the CRX/Civic transmission is to the left of the motor. Does anyone know if these crankshafts turn different ways? Regardless of whether or not its possible to couple an HF transmission with an XFi motor, I still think it would be awesome to make a "CRXFi"

P.S. If the HF thing doesn't work, I'm still interested in "rescuing" that HF stuff from the junkyard and turning it around if anyone wants it. Also, please feel free to go get it ahead of me and I'll sell you back the dizzy and ECU for what I bought them - I would just REALLY hate to see that stuff go to waste and get torn up aimlessly like the integras up there. The resistor box and that area of the harness is already hacked up, so I must act quickly before someone goes and ruins it.

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