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Got the title done yesterday, but not without a few hitches. After studying on the MO state website on titles, figured out there is a title only transaction that can be done. The form provided on the website says that inspection, insurance and property tax receipts are not required for this transaction. So off to the licensing office when it opens at 8a. After looking the paperwork over, the lady says since the original title is out of state, I need an ID/OD by an inspection station to verify the VIN number on the title matches the car. So I stop by the local station and make an appointment for the afternoon. Get there with the car on a trailer since it's not functional, and the inspection guy says he needs to get the mileage. Something about the book saying on rebuild cars the mileage has to be verified on the ID/OD. Even though the car isn't wrecked and has a clear PA title, if he can't get the mileage, I can't get the ID/OD. The car has the original computer per the seller, but part of the wiring is gone and it's disconnected. I haven't put power to the car since I've had it, so no idea if it's going to work. I get the computer connected to the one cable that's there and get a battery to connect to the battery cables. Turn the key and .... hooray, it works! So the guy gets the mileage and I get the ID/OD. Then the car has to be put away and it's back to the license bureau. At this point I'm thinking what the next hurdle will be. Thankfully it's all smooth from here and no issue completing the title only transaction, finally done at 4p. Now in a couple weeks I should have the title in my name and the building can continue!
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