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That NetGain solution looks quite good. It's a shame it doesn't do regen though. I wonder what the benefit would be of using it purely as a regen system. By this, I mean not using it as a PHEV. Using the same motor but super capacitors for short-term storage. A controller would be needed that, for example, instigated regen at 0% throttle and added power at >15% throttle. Quite simple logic and would recoup some lost energy. The idea being that you get similar/better short-term performance to a faster model, with slightly better (?) economy than the base model you start with.

Taking a BMW 318d as an example, an extra 100bhp brings it up to similar power to the 335d, yet economy would still be as per the 318d. 6kg of Maxwell supercaps will give you enough juice for 100bhp for ~1.5 seconds. Alternatively, A123 lithium cells will give you 100bhp in 23kg for ~2 minutes, so make that ~1 minute for 50% DoD.

Thoughts? Any ideas how you'd get a controller that would work in that fashion? Admittedly, I'm unlikely to try it out!
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