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My first aerodynamic improvements!

Hi Y'all!

I finally got my password reset. Now on with this update - Economy Mods:

1) Purchased 175/65R14 rims & tires for my '90 Metro 2dr/3cyl that had 12".

2) Took inventory of my transmissions & will swap F/D ratio to 3.79.

3) Purchased 14" moon disk stainless steel hubcaps.


1) Reduce weight of car w/thin aluminum sheet panels to replace door panels.

2) Lightly rebuild 3-cyl. engine and install XFi spec (reground?) camshaft.

3) Add lightweight aluminum sheeting to improve aerodynamics under the car.

4) Switch to lighter weight oils: Engine 5W20 Syn. & Trans lower weight syn.

I'll keep you posted!

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