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Originally Posted by tasdrouille View Post
What? And we weren't invited!

That's cool. I wish more manufacturers go forward with initiatives like that.

I bet the guy who got the biggest compensation was the one who posted a link to
That's exactly what I thought

I think Ford of N.America could just look over it's European brother's shoulder to get an idea of which low-hanging friut is already available.
This shows how well oriented Ford's management is: starting a contest for their workers for efficiency improvementss kind of hints that they've run out of ideas. As if almost 100 years worth of scientific testing and papers has already been tried and didn't work. Anyone who has seen Kamm's research, or Hucho's book, will win the reward. It's hard to believe that management doesn't know that. Or maybe they are fed up with their own engineers and want to show them that pretty much anyone can do better. It's not the engineers that are doing bad, it's the marketing department, which takes a streamlined econocar, jacks up the suspension, triples the size of the grille, adds fat tires and a spoiler and says "This is going to sell much better".
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