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Traditionally 2 stroke engines generate 50% more power and use 50% more fuel than 4 stroke engines. If they eliminate the fuel usage problem inherent in 2 stroke carbs that give it such terrible emissions then it sounds good to me. Having a working prototype is probably Lotus' main point. But increasing compression from 10:1 to 40:1 is pretty handy. 10% improvement on Gasoline means if it ran on Alcohol or Diesel it could be even better. Mixed with turbocharging we're talking about cutting engine sizes in half and then by a third. Which means a theoretical 2.0l engine could be replaced by a TurboCharged 660CC motor! And run on just about any fuel of your choosing.

Mixing oil with gasoline is obsolete already since they switched most 2 strokes here in the US over to wet sump years ago. Some of the comments, sheesh .
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