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Originally Posted by mrbigh View Post
Adam, do you have your SMD controller fully assembled already?
Your Dec. 5th deadline had past
Also, have you ever though to use the serial data of the micro for an application, besides the RTD, so we can have an LCD panel displaying all relevant information of the EV/Controller under the driver's view?

I am sorry to say that No, I dont have the SMD board assembled yet.... I was a week behind to begin with and then it was going to be over $200 to get all the parts for the 12th...So It worked out better to wait till the parts that are really important...Microcontroller....were in stock at digikey and not have to order them from the UK...

Basically what it came down to was I needed to order parts from 4 different about $15 each for shipping thats $60!!!

So I decided to wait till after christmas to order the parts and assemble the boards just after the 1st of the year... I dont like it much either, but it saves alot of money.

As for an LCD, what are you thinking about?? I have thought about some form of connection to an on dash LCD panel that could allow some simple modifications. I also plan that for just after the first of the year. I think you will be happy with the outcome.

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