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Originally Posted by Bicycle Bob View Post
Welcome. I'm sure there would be much interest in your amazing vehicles if you have them written up for posting. Personally, I'd like to build something that makes the VW Ein Litre look big and heavy. What are your plans?
....well I'd like to get a 2010 jeep patriot for my platform. And then add my forced induction hydrogen/ oxygen HHo cell with a dehumidifier on the cell making it self perpetuating taking humidity out of the air and refilling the cell. I plan on running an 8% system or until I find the 4 cylinder engines sweet spot. The cpu unit will be chipped so the brain understands that the vehicle is running on catcracked water. The vehicle is 2900 pounds. One of the lightest made. And being a front wheel drive 4 cylinder comes off the showfloor at 37 mpg. The only other vehicle that comes close to my specific needs is the 2010 colorado with the plain jane 2 wd package and iron duke GM 4 cylinder. Both would be a great project. But daimler would be more accomodating to help me with my needs on the jeep. I want a real mizer with consistant high mileage and low maintenence.
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