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I once put together a simple circuit to check the capacity of rechargeable AA batteries. I had a single transistor and two resistors as a voltage detector along with a switchable current sink (two transistors and two resistors) and a relay to connect a charger. I had the circuit connected to the RS-232 port on my PC (two output lines controlling the relay and current sink, one input line checking the voltage detector). I wrote a simple Java program to first connect the charger for a few hours, then disconnect the charger and connect the current sink while polling the voltage detector every few seconds. It then calculates the capacity once the discharge is complete.
If America manages to eliminate obesity, we would save as much fuel as if every American were to stop driving for three days every year. To be slender like Tiffany Yep is to be a real hypermiler...

Allie Moore and I have a combined carbon footprint much smaller than that of one average American...
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