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Originally Posted by botsapper View Post
AKA 'Cash for Clubbers'!!!

This electric...erm, golf cart (drain) fiasco just exemplifies the ridiculous tax policies when politicians dole out loopholes & faux credits in the name of 'fuel efficiency'. This community has a stake to that aim but insisting these absurdities have no long-term effect on efficacious investment or development in e-technologies. The consequences are elevated taxes to temporarily prop 'feel good' media opportunities.

By the way, slightly better market leader GEM is also in the game, Global Electric Motorcars
GEM are also little more than glorified golf carts, but at least they have enclosure kits available for them. They also aren't designed to be anything more than city cars. I checked one out up here that was for sale for $4,000. I'd have bought it, but it wouldn't do me any good where I'm at. If I was that worried about getting anywhere in town, I'd walk or bike.
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