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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Woohoo! We have a project manager!

Yes, important things first: eMPGauge... EcoDisplay... FEedback... GameGauge... EcoCrack... (I've always thought the SG is highly addictive)... OCDgauge...

My *duino shipped today.
Just stoking the fire...

I do like EcoCrack... I think we should call them SkanGauges and sell them in Tijuana.

When you get your 'duino I'm sure you'll feel the first roadblock for us all: "Man, what the hell am I doing?"

Originally Posted by dcb
Well, I've been thinking about the hardware a bit too.
The more paths the better, but the cool thing with the 'duinos is that they are completely standalone and completely opensource. I just have visions of a black box w/ a screen and some buttons a la ScanGauge. You definately have the know-how, so I watch with interest.

Originally Posted by trebuchet03
Scroll down for injector waveform - I think you'll have to be logged in though...

It's not as pretty as a 0v or 5v logic :/ Perhaps if !=0 - but requiring some form of calibration (like the SG tank to tank sort of deal).... I don't think calibration can be avoided either way though as some sort of adjustable gain is needed...
This is the point where I pass the baton...

I can't see the pictures since I'm not logged in, but I suppose the injectors can be placed on an analog input and set to count at some threshold value (i.e. start counting at 0.92V, even if it peaks at 4.75V). I was thinking calibration could be done by changing the injector size as a part of the setup menu... (193cc, 194cc, etc.)...

Step 1 for me ---> Learn C.

- LostCause
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