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aerohead -

Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
I don't think it's tradition.I believe the MOON cover to be superior. The crown adds hen'egg geodesic strength allowing a thinner/lighter gauge.
The crown also better respects Whitcomb's "area-rule" or the ballistician's "sectional density.
" The MOON cover doesn't add frontal area,as it is hiding behind the sidewall of the tire.
MOON's cover is actually thickest at the center,where strength is needed and polar moment the minimum.
MOON's are not inexpensive,and a flat home made unit might look attractive from price standpoint.
What do you think of these? :

Smoothie Hubcaps, Baby Moon or Moon Hubcaps Wheel Covers Kustom Car Moons

These are the classic smoothie hubcaps. Hubcap Mike's Smoothie wheelcovers have a beautiful polished finish ...they're like a round mirror. Also known as baby moon or moon hubcaps (baby moons), this smoothie is a chromed solid steel moon wheel cover with a 360° steel retention system which is a continuous part of the hub cap (all one piece). So when you put these on your wheel, they will stay put. These are very solid, all steel caps, not the cheap flimsy variety found elsewhere! Perfect finishing touch to a classic car restoration or kustom car project; your wheels will never look better!
At first they bow inward (which will help to clear the car wash tire grabber) and then they bow back outward. They are NOT racing disks, but they are close.

I don't know if these would fare any better than the snap-in racing disks. They have "the teeth", but the "tooth size" looks larger, and they have a hole for the valve stem, so you don't have to take them on and off to check your air.

As I was saying in another thread, I don't like chrome per se, but it makes sense that this retro-style of wheel cover would need to be chrome.


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