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Cool Make a throttle detent some gas....

I FINALLY got permission from the IGC to reveal to the human race some of our more advanced technology. But REMEMBER....this is only a test to see if humans are able to utilize these higher levels of thought application. Pass this test and who knows how far humanity can advance.

This is applied to my 4x4 wagon...which is actually an advanced transportation device that has been disguised for use on the planet Earth.


How to do it:

* will likely need to remove the air cleaner in order to drill a hole for the spring in the edge of the heat stove

* the spring is probably from an old screen door (wooden type)...this seems to have about the right "pull". You should use around a 5" length of spring. Will probably need to make a loop for one end after cutting it to length.

* The bottom end of the spring needs to be "crimped" to stay on the heat shield...since there has to be some slack in the linkage in order for it to work

* I use heavy copper wire to make the link at top...easier to adjust the length...but strong enough to hold it's shape

So what does it do? Just gives your lead foot a reminder of where the best throttle position might be for the best mpg...but can be over ridden at any time if needed. Seems to me that I have around 75-85% full power at maybe 1/4th or less throttle....keeps you out of the secondary?

You need to adjust it to your preferences...for a 1.5L probably somewhere past the throttle position needed to maintain 55 mph...for a V6 or V8...just about at that point.

Works much like a vacuum just don't need to watch it all the time.

This could be set up on any engine that isn't fly by wire...just need to find room for the spring and find a place on the engine to tie the end down. You do probably need the spring to be around 5" or longer so the tension doesn't increase too much at WOT.

*Need to be sure you will have no interference with throttle operation...install at your own risk.

Carry on humans...we are extremely proud of you. ..................

Forty-six percent of Americans believe in the creationist view that God created humans in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years. GALLUP POLL
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