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I believe you are probably missing EOC, that is the only way I know of to get your FE significantly above epa.

Also what gear are you in during the 45mph zones? You should try to maintain the highest gear possible. Pulse and glide might be applicable in the 10% area below 35mph if you are willing to coast down enough and keep the motor off.

Also you need to allow your speed to increase and decrease while going over hills, try to keep your FE the same throughout hills if you can.

And believe it or not one identical car from another can get significantly different FE depending on the motor, drivetrain and tires, my DOdge crewcab 1500 is rated at 20mpg but I can't achieve more than 18 driving EXTREMELY sporadic and only 15.5mpg driving normally. I am told it needs a tune up though that had no effect.


Originally Posted by moonmonkey View Post
I got my scan gauge, did a partial grill block, and drove by the scangauge increasing speed slowly, staying under 65 mph most of the time, coasting some ,drafting some, after 2 tanks thru my 2002 echo sedan using the gauge. i am dissaponted by my results. only 1-2 mpg more, i was hoping to get up where some of you guys are, i went from 44mpg to 46 one tank and 45 the next,, and i get 42-44 driving with no thoughts for milage. my commute is 105 miles a day to work and back 70% 45mph zone 20% 55-65 mph zone, 10% 25-35 mph slight traffic ,about 10 traffic lights. What am i not getting here,(i tried hard to keep the mpg up high on the scangauge),how do i get over 50 mpg? or can i in this toyota echo 5 speed, no ac no power steering.
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