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My gosh, those comments on Hack-a-Day are an absolute hoot! Some guys get it, some guys don't, and some would simply rather not deal with it. I'm tempted to put the comment below in my sig:

> That aside, it’s the most retarded vehicle I ever saw and living proof that
> stupid hippies shouldn’t be allowed to own vehicles. If he’d put a V-8
> engine in it I might be impressed.

Ooh, ooh, this next one's my favorite. This one has me googling <bumper sticker printers>, it's time I replaced my handmade "My powerful libido compensates for my pipsqueak car" sticker with a professionally printed replica...and a few more for my hundred closest friends. If you missed it, there's a comment that ends with...

> Bolt that on the rear of your gaymobile and I guarantee you will never get
> laid again. Besides, real men don’t drive Geo Metro’s anyway!

You gotta love it!
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