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Originally Posted by thatguitarguy View Post
Experiments with this might be easier than boattails and such. You can place
something on a pole out in front of your vehicle and keep an eye on it, while
you can put tufts on your windshield where you can see the effect without
A large part of implementing a "leading plate" would be holding it in place. I
think it would take more than just a pole. It would probably require an A-
frame at top and bottom. The low point connection wouldn't seem to be a big
problem. But the upper point of connection with the body work would be
around the top of the windshield.

Maybe the leading plate wouldn't have to extend vertically the full height of
the car. Perhaps just part way up, say to the belt line/bottom of the

There is always the possibility that turning the plate on its side, so it was
horizontal, might work too. I think it would be easier to implement at any

Who knows? Not me for sure.

Originally Posted by thatguitarguy View Post
Whose generally accepted idea is this??

The diver tapers his body as much as possible so it is more like a boattail
than a blunt rear of a car.
I think I meant to say that aero mods should first be made at the front.

Yes, for the typical car. (But not for a car with a boat tail.) If this worked,
perhaps there would be little need to work at the rear.

At this time this is an "idea experiment," and I'm not capable of mounting a rigorous defense of it.

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