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Originally Posted by BamZipPow View Post

Fer a cleaner look on that upper grill might want to consider building up multiple layers instead of just the one layer that yer trying to fit in there.
For the upper block, consider placing stand-offs behind the material you're using to support it flush with the edges of the chrome. That will get rid of the fold lines, I think.
Nope, no can do. The nature of the grille is that it is not flat, it's very contoured, although it looks deceptively flat (relatively); therefore I needed to bow the aluminum slightly to fit it. For my tastes, it looks 'good enough'. My main concern was that it be very easy to remove and re-install, which it is, because there are only the two screws holding it on. The mounting points where I placed the Tinnermans are recessed several inches behind the grille and they are vertically plumb. But the grille is sloped almost 45 degrees in relation to them. If you can see the screw heads, they are not flat against the panel - that's how much pitch there is to the grille. But no matter, as that small detail doesn't bother me - it works and it looks decent, and is only temporary, for winter use.

Looks pretty good. Planning on extending that chin to something that will cover the engine bay?
Actually, no, because I do my own oil and tranny fluid changes and I don't want to be bothered with removing panels to access drain plugs. (I dislike crawling around under a car more than is necessary.) I must say however, that the aluminum was a great material to use for that large an area. It's lighter than plastic.
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