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older snowmachines used the vacuum in the carbs to draw the oil through the intake. Newer machines use direct electric injection. For a project, I would do it. But it will never be practical. I've never seen a propane tank the size of a gasoline tank eek out as many miles, it's always less.

the newest engine bombardier produces has averaged up to 19mpg at about 50-60mph (trail riding). My dad has driven one, along with several other buddies, all who are excellent riders and know how to use the throttle excessively. In deep powder trail-breaking conditions they still managed over 100mpt (miles/tank) on a 600cc, which is much better than the old take it mostly gentle and get 90mpt. I think over the course of a week he averaged 14mpg on that sled. His 800 mountain sled at home hasn't bested 11mpg.

Direct injection is a new thing for snowmachines, but in time it will prove useful gains. 40-50% better average FE is nothing to sneeze at in the offroad/onsnow world.
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