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Originally Posted by Xringer View Post
If it wasn't for those big heavy vehicles that I have to share the highways with,
I wouldn't mind a lighter car..

I feel a little safer in a heaver vehicle.. If someone T-bones me on a snowy
day, I don't want to be sitting in a Honda Fit. But, that's just me..
Hi Xringer,

Talking about heavier vehicles...

Did you hear about the SUV driver that was killed two years ago in Devil's State Park in Wisconsin?

Several motorcycles were coming from the opposite direction and one lost control in a sharp turn. The motorcycle did the classic "high-side", which is to say that it lost grip, then regained it, and spit the rider off as the bike flung into the air.

It sliced right through the drivers compartment of the SUV with predictable results...

I ride a motorcycle in warmer weather, so I really don't fret when driving a smaller car. When it's your time to go...enuf' said...


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