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Besides the T-bone, one of the things that worries me, is being bumped by someone in another lane.
The second worry I have driving here in MA, is being rear-ended.
I'm not sure if weight helps in those cases, but it might, if the other car is a lot lighter.

Last month, a couple of people were killed just up the road. A Toyota Corolla was
waiting in line at a red light, when some elderly guy T-boned them on the drivers side
with a mid-sized American sedan. The driver of the Toyota went right into ICU
and his wife went to the morgue.
The driver of the Chrysler lost his wife too. I don't know how that happened.
No seat belt maybe.. Anyways, it was a low speed crash.

I also like the visibility that I have in my SUV.. I'm up high enough to see
up the road (over the tops of cars) and I'm easy to see too..


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