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Any guesses on '83 Civic mpg?

About a year ago I picked up a '83 Civic dx 1.5L hatchback with a bad transmission, found a transmission from a '83 civic FE.
The Honda Civic FE had a 1300cc engine with peek torque of 68 ft.lbs @ 4,000rpm, Civic DX's engine is 1500cc with 77 ft. lbs @ 3,000rpm, my figures show that with the FE tranny my 60mph 5th gear engine speed should then drop from 2,500rpm to 2,200rpm, other then the higher geared tranny, the Civic Hatchback FE would have things like an additional fuel cut off solenoid on it, and the fuel cut off kicks in at lower engine speeds while coasting in gear, the ignition timing is the same, valves open and close at the same crank rotation, carburetors have the same venturi openings altho they have different model numbers, I think just different jets, but over all they didn't seem to be drastically different, the DX weighs only 84 pounds more then the FE, so a total of 1,867 pounds curb weight, with a 1500cc engine that puts out 63hp@5,000rpm (compare to 60hp@5,500 of the 1.3L FE) and seats 5 where the FE only had seat belts for 4.

So as soon as I can get this car out of the shed (mud, snow is in the way) and get new tires on it I plan to start using it, if mileage good enough, and if I like how the car feels I'm thinking I might sell the VX, this cvcc car has almost no rust, and fewer miles, but is also 9 years older, only reason for not doing that is that I don't want to drive the cvcc in the salt.

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