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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Perhaps if you elaborate further we can help more.
Well AUTOBEYOURS(Indiana) is capable to rebuild or refurbish 04Prius Slvg Inverter/Converter/HSD aka ICU.
If say for example bought off ebay or salavage parts yard you still need to test/teardown/install/toyota tool scan and remove glitches.cost $1000

Main Battery
Well RE INVOLT/(NorthCarolina) will test and refurb hybrid battery packs cost $1500

Texas Toyota parts dealer cost $5000 for new inverter aka ICU part and still have to pay for service. The main battery they will send off or test the cells. However both these are not under any warranty for my 04 Slvg Prius. Master Techs/ EV certified must be present for inverter reinstall per Toyota cost for main battery $3000

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