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Been playing with silhouettes of the GM in GIMP.
Was going to try them through the flow illustrator, but couldn't get a response. Anyway, here they are:

interestingly, the drop from the trailing edge of the roof to the trailing edge of the trunk is just about 15*, depending upon how much rake I assume for the suspension. A new front fascia out of fiberglass-over-foam, an aeroback, french in the bumpers (or wander the junkyards, looking for a bumper that will fit closer to the fenders-I think an '85 Lincoln Town Car should do it!), belly pan and wheel discs, swap in a police axle with 2.73's and tracloc, drop the front suspension an inch for just the right rake, put in a fresh 5.0 H.O., rebuild the AOD with wide ratios, a 2"overdrive band, and all the other goodies, tear out the dash and put a real gauge package in, redo the interior with the big AMC buckets they used in the Pacer, and I just might want to keep this old pig!
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