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School teams to compete in cross country MPG Challenge - Possible $1,000,000 prize

Hi guys,
As promised in my earlier post, here is some information about the latest MPG Challenge we are presenting to competitors.

When: August 14 - 23, 2008

Where: New York to San Francisco

What: Hybridfest and Great Race have partnered together to bring you a cross country MPG Challenge. We are looking for Colleges and Universities to compete in the Great Race MPG Challenge New York to San Francisco.

Why: The MPG Challenge was created to bring colleges and universities together in a friendly competition with a higher goal – to fuel the development of super-efficient, high-mileage cars and encourage all of us to squeeze as much as we can from the cars we currently drive.

Participation: Any team representing a college, university or trade school can compete. Students, faculty alumni and even commercial partners are encouraged to work together and compete for their school (or alma mater).

The Competition: The Great Race MPG Challenge puts teams in Toyota Prius hybrid-electric vehicles to produce optimum fuel economy under real world conditions. The first team that reaches the finish line with the highest average mpg wins. And if they achieve the ultimate goal of 100 mpg, they'll receive the $1,000,000 Great Race Innovation Prize for their school's scholarship fund.

Costs: It depends on how creative you are. Competition expenses can easily be covered through fundraising or those corporate sponsorships. Corporate Sponsorship can be applied towards your costs, as long as you make it very clear to your sponsors where the money is going. The MPG Challenge isn't a cheap program to run and we want to keep the costs low for the schools, so we will have sponsors to help subsidize your participation. Entry fee for the school's team is $5,000.

You can learn more and register at, and receive the formal announcements and program details

Eric Powers
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