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New Member - MB 190 2.5 Turbodiesel owner

Let me say it's great to be here - you have a great site going. About me - I'm a metallurgical engineer by education, automotive hobbyist by nature. I've been "into" Mercedes diesel cars for several years now. My current ride started life as a 1993 MB 190E 2.6 (gasoline powered). I have swapped in a Mercedes 2.5 Turbodiesel engine (OM602) and a 5-speed manual trans from an '85 MB 190D 2.2. The rearend is currently a 3.07 ratio.

I'm also a homebrew biodiesel guy. A friend and I make biodiesel from used fryer oil and blend it with petro-diesel.

One of the challenges I face is getting accurate mpg readings running the bio/dino diesel mix, as I don't have a way to accurately measure the amount of biodiesel being added to my tank. I can usually get close (within a gallon or so), but not close enough for real accuracy.

Are there any good solutions for measuring diesel fuel usage (multiple flow-meters?) on one of these older mechanical diesel pumps?

Anyway, I've got a million thoughts running through my head - just glad to be a member for now.


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