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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Actually, Affect is the correct term there.

If you believe that something in your C&P is incorrect, you usually include [sic] after the word or thing, to let people know that it's there from being quoted, not because you're an idiot. (Not calling you an idiot, it's the best way to explain it.)
Yeah, I know it's affect, but that's not how they wrote it. They wrote "effect". Anyway, since we're on the subject, I always thought [sic] stood for "spelled in context", which, in this case, would be what I did. In fact, [sic] is simply latin for "thus". You probably already knew that, I just thought I'd throw that out there...
I thought using [sic] would be too hoity-toity, but it would have been the proper way to do it. Anyway, I informed Nissan that I am willing to test their vehicle for free.....

Hey, I added the [sic]!!!HAha!!
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