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Does Nissan make a later version of that engine with modern high pressure injection?

I think your engine is based on the L series in line six that was first used in the 240Z here in the US in 1969. They made a 2.4 liter diesel version that was used in the Maxima until 1984.

Pretty sure it is a prechamber design, so you would probably have to use a later version cylinder head, if they even exist.

Best bet would be to check the opening pressures and spray pattern on your existing injectors. In the Mercedes engines we found that the opening pressures would drop from 1800 PSI to about 1500 PSI over time. Replacing the spring the each injector brought the pressures up to 1800, which is the spec for a new injector.

This would reduce the smoke considerably and the noise slightly. A turbo would give you more power and probably some improvement in fuel economy. Those engines are very strong with forged crankshaft and connecting rods. I have seen one that went close to 700k miles before the cranking compression dropped to the point where it would not start without boosting the battery. Guy drove it 85,000 miles a year.

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