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I have to admit I am a bit pissed at the guy and I have been thinking about what comment to leave on his blog. He does not seem to understand the current limitations of an EV. I think he is giving EV's a bad name by expecting them to perform like an ICE. I would love to have a car like that but it does seem a bit pricey. He seems to be paying $612/month but I have read other people say they are paying as much as $923/month.

He is also saying that at $2.55/gallon it is about the same cost to run an ICE mini. Someone check my math because he might actually be right. I thought it was considerably cheaper to run an EV.

Assuming $2.55 USD/gallon and 18cents/kw (his numbers) and 400 whrs/mile to run the car ?

to go 100 miles- 100x400 wh/hr = 40,000/1000=40 kw x .18 = $7.2

to go 100 miles- 100/30mpg - 3.33 gallons x $2.55 = $8.5

I am suprised. I guess it is a combination od expensive electricity and cheap gas. Here in Ontario we pay %50 more for gas and %50 less for electricity so I guess it makes more sense here.

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