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RD28 history ...

Tks to OldMechanic, Arragonis and Ryland for the comments and advice.

I wrote an extense response to your comments, which was lost when posted to the Forum, and I am not going to write it again.

Please, refer to Nissan RD engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for the history of the RD28 engine and itīs versions. It started production about 1984 and ended about 2002, I think.

The Laurel is still a demanded car in cold countries like Sweden, Finland, Russia and in Australia also.

The Patrol (which uses a RD28 turbo) is still demanded in Northern Africa, Australia, South America, Spain, other europeans countries.

Here in Chile the RD28 engine is very well known as a swap engine, for its reliability, smoothness, low noise and low price, even when a few diesel Laurels came as imports specially by japanese diplomats about 15 to 20 years ago.

People prefer the Nissan TD27 for swapping on 4x4 or small trucks. It is smaller, lighter and a lot more powerful. But vibrates more.

One person I know installed that engine on a Mercedes 300SE (it is heavier than mine) and broke the differential, due to the higher torque.

My best wishes for you for the year that start today.


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