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lilgreenbrick -

Originally Posted by lilgreenbrick View Post
I noticed on the front page that it was being hosted by the school he used to teach at. I don't know whether EM could handle the extra bandwidth, but we're probably the ones that play most with it. I'm just thinking out loud, but would he be willing to have it hosted and help with the migration?
Hmmmmm, I don't know if it was always that way or he has changed venues (probably not looking closely enough at his web page).

It wouldn't hurt for us to ask him. It would be neat if he was willing to give us the code. We would need to give him full credit. But, that code may not totally belong to him. It might belong to the school.

An "Ecomodder member only" use of the flow illustrator might be ok. We could make it so that it rejects bitmaps over XY size that aren't black and white. Whatever is bogging it down right now could probably be fixed with some TLC. I am guessing that we could at least make it fail gracefully, i.e. so that the next submission will work.



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