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Thank you so much david for that link. I watched the part where he figured out what was killing his cells. It just makes so much sense. I understand why my friend lost his pack in less than a year in his prius at over $9K.

More now I hear. I am not into cars much but I am going for a bike. Not sure I want to do a bms now. Think the open charge method will do me fine. A friend over in the UK said no matter what size, I needed a bms for it. Well....

@ Paul:
Many thanks for your venture into the 3 phase arena. I mainly just want to see what makes them tick. A fet controller will most likely do me fine for under 600 watts. Nothing like making it your self tho. And saving a bundle doing it.


Originally Posted by davidrrrd View Post
this is a link to a page on with lots of info on thundersky chargeing, this guy did his homework on them!

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there all informitive, ect. but dec.18th is your first stop!
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