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The $500 Electric Car
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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
How many here would consider a 30k car
I bought an 89 Ford Festiva new. It was the first, and last, new car I will ever buy. I can build one heck of an electric for 30K, but I digress. I'm so far removed from the typical American mindset, that it's hard for me to address such a question, but I would think that the average person who has several new cars and changes cars like underwear every three years (yes, my underwear is 40 years old), would not find 100 mile limitation any worse than a lack of GPS, or OnStar, or whatever new-fangled "gotta have" trinket is in cars these days given the fact that the majority of drivers drives 40 miles a day. Also, if they find the limitation annoying, it's no biggie: they'll just trade it in for another ICE. Hmmmm, maybe my EV #3 should be a $500 EV with a 200 mile range. Let's see, pickup, used golf cart batteries......
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