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Cycling more to drive les
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I wouldn't consider myself a non-car commuter, but i always try to ride my bike if i make trips downtown, to my friend's house, or to my church. All these trips are about 2-4 miles. In the spring i'm planning to get a nice road bike and start going farther.

If it's snowing out or the roads aren't plowed well, i don't bike. In this situation, typically the roads are narrow or slick and i don't feel very comfortable riding my bike, especially seeing how it's hills either way i go. I usually give myself a lot more time (if i can) and walk. This way i can get way on the side of the roads in the snow if there are cars around.

I walked to downtown today and back (7.2 miles round trip) while it was still snowing to run some errands. This is actually the longest walk i've done so far.

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