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Thread necro! Hey... it turned up on a Google search.

I was thinking along the lines of an electric front drive, leaving the RWD fully intact. I need a lot more range and versatility than an EV would provide, especially with a full sized truck.
I have an '86 Silverado with a 350/350, and it's a 4x2. While thinking on my more than occasional need for a little bit better traction, the option of converting my old truck to 4x4 is currently on the table. And... no, I'm not interested in starting all over with another old truck I'll have to 'get right' again.

Now, it seems that, for the occasional use of the front drive, I could make *that* electric, and it'd be used mostly for an acceleration booster (save gas on acceleration) and for enhanced traction on slickery surfaces. Obviously, I'll need to ensure that the front/rear wheel speeds don't differ enough to cause control issues, I'm sure some of the folks on this board could come up with a simple controller configuration for this.

So, I'll have my 4x4, and it'll be a hybrid. This is only a germ of an idea, and I haven't touched the battery/charger issue yet, but I'm thinking that won't be as much an issue as with a pure EV.
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