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As a manual transmission San Francisco driver, I will never own any MT car with a foot-operated parking/emergency brake.

I will never drive or own a vehicle that doesn't have operating service and parking brakes, either. I bought a $1700, 4X4 articulated ATV that used a band wrapped around the driveshaft as its brake, except the band was missing. We got a Moose down (this was in Alaska), and I went back for the ATV to get it up to the Moose meat. I lost traction going up the hill, and accidentally got the ATV in neutral. It started rolling backwards and built up so much speed, I had to jump out between the roll bar and the windshield before it killed me. When I picked myself up, I walked down the hill, expecting to find my rifle on the hillside, and a wrecked ATV at the bottom of the hill.

Miraculously, the ATV had gently backed itself gently sideways midway down the hill, with my undamaged rifle still in the seat. Still shaking, I drove it down and parked it at the bottom of the hill, walked back up to my buddies with the downed Moose, and declared we'd have to pack the Moose meat to the bottom of the hill. I sold the ATV 18 days after I bought it, still during Moose season, for $2500. A tidy $800 profit for 18 days of ownership. But the $%^& thing nearly killed me.

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