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Originally Posted by ATaylorRacing View Post
Uh......lets race for some money at a 1/4 mile sanctioned track. With my 40 mpg Neon SRT4....I might even give you a couple of seconds head start! There are lots of cars that kick rear at the track/street and get great mpgs. I personally want to squeeze 1 more mpg out of my 12 second 305 hp 2.4 Neon so that I can say it gets the same mpg as a Smart Car.....but I think I can say that already since the last real world mpg I have seen one get from a magazine company was 39!
Haha why's everyone wanna race the Elco all of a sudden? This is like highschool all over again

I never said i could take your SRT4 in a 1/4 I've seen those cars run and my elco only breaks 16's in the 1/4 it did a 15.89 ONCE and i don't think i'll see that again untill stuff is done to it

I'll brin out the monster that I haven't introduced youguys to yet instead

(No actual EPA numbers for car just used F/E numbers when i first got it)
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