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I have made 16 videos over the past few days testing my ideas on building an Aero Cap for my GMC Sierra. It works great. It says there is a 158 Min wait, but it is not true, somewhere the developer said there was a bug in the system and this was not reliable. I found there was no wait. You do need to be patient with this since it takes a bit of time to upload your image.

I found that setting the dt at .03 was very helpful in achieving quick results. I followed the program creators advise,, and set the Re at 800 and 3000. To save time I set the time to 8 Seconds. This was more than enough to get a good idea on the steady state air flow. It seems that with dt at .01, it takes like 8 seconds just for the flow to settle down, so a 10 second video only has 2 seconds of steady state flow images.

Anyway, I used it to compare different tweaks on the rear of the intended Aero Cap and it worked well. I'll try tonight to get a few of the movies in here so you can see them.

I'm really not sure how to post the videos so any advice from anyone would be helpful.
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