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Originally Posted by hybriddriveguy View Post
Will this car start and run?
I would not recommend replacing any parts without at least getting the trouble codes first. You would basically be making matters worse by replacing a part that could be good with one that could possibly be bad.
Get a scan tool or find a buddy that owns one and get the codes.
There are several of us on this forum that are Prius specialists and we are willing to help you get your car repaired right with the minimal cost.

BTW, Enginer is the only company making a PHEV kit for the Gen1 Prius.
"Will this car start and run?"
Please define your meaning and understanding of "start"
The aux battery went dead but I have since recharged battery, I can get dashboard with warning indications. I only have OBD2reader which with several trials gives linking error message. The fluid reservoir for the Inverter is empty and antifreeze reservoir empty too.
What scan tool do you suggest.

I am kinda scared to run or drive vehicle!!

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