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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
I have to highly doubt that the Cd is that close to the Prius. I'm guessing
high .20s. The current Versa is .31. I'm sure they can lower that (no
exhaust so nearly flat underbody), but I'd be very impressed if it was down
to .25.
I can see the front end treatment being Prius-like aero-wise. But It's hard to
see the rear end being that clean:
Click image for larger version

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I keep wondering if this is a red herring with the true shape being held back
for the real car, not what the current test cars are wearing.

Originally Posted by JasonG View Post
There should be a "regen kill switch" for in neutral type coasting.
Maybe on the steering wheel (no shifter right?)
On the Prius, the "no regen, no power" condition, usually called "no arrows
glide," is accessed by small, really small adjustments of the gas pedal. It
takes a little while to retrain you right foot, but after a short while you get
used to it. No extra switches, both hands on the wheel.
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