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Good job, Mech

Good job, Mech,

It appears that you and I are snooping down the same path. Sandia-Livermore has had a project involving opposed pistons and magnetic coupling to reach the compression levels we are talking about.

Ernie Rogers

Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
My design used the 2 stroke and direct injection, with variable compression diesel cycle.
Compression ratios could be as high as 50 to 1 (not a misprint).

Also considered high pressure injection into a heat exchanger to better atomize the mixture for HCCI, using other fuels.

Possibly multi fuel capable with variable compression, or even multiple fuel capable simultaneously.

I think one of the govt research labs is doing research on an engine with the goal of 60%efficiency. I think my integrated engine-flywheel design has the capability to reach that level of efficiency.

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