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After yesterdays shakedown ride of 20 miles on a battery that hadn't been charged in about a year and a half, it still read 38V. I put it on the charger overnight and I didn't pay attention to how many times it went on and off balancing the cells. I forgot to take a reading before I went riding today, but I rode for 23 miles, and this time the motor was on most of the time. I'm pedaling all the time so the motor isn't working as hard as if I were just being lazy. I'm not pushing the motor that hard - I'm just trying to maintain a speed a little above 15MPH. I can do that unassisted on the flats most of the time, but the terrain is more rolling than flat around here.

Anyway, the battery read 39V after all that riding. I sure would like to have a way to know how much time I had left in the pack before it just drops off and I have to pedal this heavy beast back home without any help. I'll keep doing trial and error, but it sure would help if there was a way to just to test how much juice was left, even if I can't figure out a real time monitor. I understand how lifepo4 gives you all or nothing, I'm just trying to stay ahead of the nothing.

Does anybody knowledgeable have any ideas short of paying a bunch of money for a Cycleanalyst or a Wattsup? I just don't have the money for that, and I won't for a while.
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